Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Save Five Dollars on LOL!

I recently offered a price break for those who would like to take group orders for my new Catholic homeschooling book, For the Love of Literature. If you order 10 or more books it's only $11.50 per copy of For the Love of Literature (all autographed) plus $1.00 per book for Priority Shipping.

The regular price is $12.95 plus $4.60 s/h, so that's a savings of $5.05 per book!

I recently had a Catholic homeschooling support group purchase 20 copies with the plan for a regular mom gathering to talk about teaching through literature. I think that's a very nice idea (we do something similar in our homeschool group to discuss A Thomas Jefferson Education) and so I'd like to continue this bulk offer to others in the Catholic homeschooling community.

I can take PayPal (including credit card) or checks. Please don't hesitate to email me for the fine details.

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