Monday, January 07, 2008

Fr. Benedict Groeschel

The winners of yesterday's free books are:
Marcia from KS
Rossana form Alberta

Congratulations everyone! Our Sunday Visitor will be mailing the copies of The How-To Book of the Mass by Michael Dubruiel directly to the winners. If you didn't win and you'd love to own a copy yourself, it's easy enough to find at OSV, your favorite Catholic book seller, or even at

Now, for today's featured book: Questions and Answers About Your Journey to God by Father Benedict Groeschel. I don't know about you, but Fr. Groeschel is a favorite author and speaker in this house! I highly recommend checking out all of his books.

Today we have three copies to give away. Three copies! Of Fr. Groeschel! You have a good chance of winning, so make sure you enter. One can never have too many good Catholic books on her bookshelf!

Let's review the contest rules. Send an email to me HERE (RWitt1776 at aol dot com) before 5 AM Eastern Tuesday morning. Make sure to include your name and mailing address -- otherwise I can't have the book mailed to you. The kids and I will randomly choose the winners from all of the emails. I'll announce the winners tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Mark Shea week, so make sure to check back.


Jen said...

I frantically emailed you my email. I just posted the other day about how Father is one of my favorite authors. If I don't win, I'm going to Amazon to buy it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

email sent

just letting you know I

blogged ya:

Nadia said...

I enjoy listening to Father Groeschel. Enter me in the drawing.

Thank you.

Maureen said...


To enter, I need you to send an email with your name and address. My email address is in the above post.

You can send one entry per day, as there are different books being featured each day.

Good Luck!